Please Sort Videos by Most Recent Data AGAIN!!!!

Put the dates back on, and sort the videos please.  Otherwise what’s the point in having a project page if I can’t say to people hey, check out my project page.  But oh btw, you’ll have to scroll to find my most recent videos.  That’s dumb!!

Really can you just write a TDD test it(‘sorts by most recent date).  it(‘shows the video creation date’).  Really is this too much to ask?  Is it not that important for your streamers?  I think it is.

One thought on “Please Sort Videos by Most Recent Data AGAIN!!!!

  1. I already wrote about it to support team.
    When I sent my stream channel to one guy, he really thought that my last video (current stream) is not worked and I haven’t any videos yet…
    The problem occurred because after your stream in list you see the first video, but expect to see previous video before the stream.
    It’s really strange to see behavior which we have right now and seems it’s critical…

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