Change Log

LiveEdu 3.2 May 2017

On-site search result improvement:
Payment dashboard
New left bar navigation
New livestream directory page
Video ads
On-site video editing for streamers
LiveEdu Android app v2.5 part II September 6, 2016

New streaming architecture Now streamers are able to stream with 2500 kbps bitrate!
Project channel page -
Automated Project Playlist -
Portfolio page Where you can create your portfolio on and use it to find new opportunities.
Hub page -
New stream directory -
Search engine improvement -
Android App -
Weekly Digest -
New freelance hiring process -
Stream email improvement - v2.5 part I June 21, 2016

Pro account
  • No Ads
  • Pro badge
  • Pro emoticons
  • Download 100 videos
  • 24hr customer support
  • 2x REST API calls limit
  • Team Channel, private channel
  • Option not to archive stream
  • Set your videos to private
  • 4 weeks longer video storage
Recruiter account
  • All Pro benefits
  • Recruiting engine
  • Search for talent
  • Multiple search filters
  • Contact candidates
  • Post unlimited number jobs
  • Private channel
  • Candidate recommendation
  • Screen candidates on channel visually
New UXdesign New emoticons, donation system were improved, now all donations goes directly to streamer's paypal account, broadcaster guides were updated with videos
Recruiting Engine -
Job-Board -
Embed videos -
Invite a Friend's Page -
Change Email Address -
Created by Ionel Cucu