Monthly View time dashboard

It would be nice to have a dashboard for streamers that is based around the formula for how streamers get paid. It could break up the information into months. If you were looking at a previous month where you already got paid, it could have a list of videos you streamed that month in the order you streamed them. Next to each video it could tell you what it was classified as (premium, normal, or silent) along with the total view time that video got that month. It should also show how much money you made from that video alone and break down the formula right there. It would also be helpful to see the length of the video. Any videos that money was made off would show up regardless if they were actually streamed that month, or if they were streamed a previous month but some people watched them that month and you somehow made money off that.


For the current month it would show as much of this same information as possible and keep updating it, although I would not be surprised of some if that information would still be unknown.

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