On-boarding suggestion – an alternative way to make everyone happy.

Users are now required to login before they can watch any stream. When a new user jumps on the site and open a specific stream, they’re welcomed with the following:

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 23.55.17

You’re basically suggesting: Give us your email or else you’re not allowed to see what’s going on. This reduces the user conversion rate. This is why we have things like, demo’s, trial periods, and for sites like these, a timer. I understand the need to be able determine the number of registered users, that’s the stuff that matters in a business world. Understanding that, I’d like to make the following suggestion as one of the directions you could go to improve this on-boarding flow for new users:

. Behavioural aspect
Allow the user to view the video for x time so they can at least see what the stream is about – I suggest a 15 minute window – before the user is shown the `LOG IN TO WATCH MORE VIDEOS` dialogue. (which should say: live streams (and/or videos))

. Technical aspect
This can be done in a number of ways: Add a timer that after expiration will remove/stop the stream and then display/switch with the `log in to watch more` overlay.

I’ve experienced a few other user conversion hindering features that have been implemented which seem to fall in line with the overall objectives of providing a great site for streamers and viewers to be on, this on-boarding feature though is by far one of the most critical aspects that need fixing right away. To emphasise on the severity of this, here’s a statement from one of the viewers:

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 00.08.09

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